Red Lion Chem Tech, LLC was founded in 2011 to focus on the problems that we face in ecological disasters such as oil spills, flooding or treatment of contaminated water with chemical pollutants. Over $4 Million was spent on discovery and we are in the process of launching the new product line.

Red Lion Chem Tech — located in San Diego, California in an 4,200 square foot office and laboratory facility — was established as a Research and Development Enterprise under the direction of Dr. Allan D. Pronovost, Ph.D.

Red Lion Chem Tech focuses on earth’s natural nanotechnology with practical applications in the fields of energy, transportation, and fuel storage, plus an adjunct business focused on remediation and pollutant/hazardous material , and malodor cleanup, including molds.

Also developed drying nanotechnology for moisture removal for remediation, oceanic transport, electronics moisture control, flood control, and humidity control, and long term prevention of moisture damage.

Red Lion Chem Tech has developed a proprietary process for water recovery, for desalination, fracking and brackish water cleanup.