Here is a look at the Corporate Leaders of Red Lion Chem Tech, LLC.

Dr. Allan Pronovost, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Distinguished scientist with over 35 years experience in Science, Technology and Medicine. Dr. Pronovost holds a PhD in Pathology/Virology with a specialty in Immunology and is Certified in Clinical Laboratory Medicine from Yale University School of Medicine. As a scientist, inventor and a clinician, he has facilitated the introduction of over 18 industry-first products in diverse fields including in vitro diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, hemostasis/wound healing, as well as materials science and nanotechnology.

During his career he has authored over 90 patents, 80 papers or abstracts, 2 books, and has introduced over 120 products to the marketplace including 73 successful FDA submissions. He has held various management positions in companies such as New England Nuclear, DuPont, Johnson and Johnson, Eastman Kodak, Quidel Corp, and Quest Diagnostics.

Salvatore Gaglio, Chief Executive Officer

Over 30 years of experience assisting in the development and growth of start up and the turnaround of technology and companies which operate in difficult markets. Mr. Gaglio began his career in 1980 in the financial services industry, in 1983 he brought his first company public. He has developed extensive relationships in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa opening new markets and expanding product lines and business relationships for high growth companies. Mr. Gaglio graduated from Ohio State University where he initial studied Animal Science and graduated in 1980 with a degree in Business Administration.

Juan Manuel Jimenez, Chief Engineering Officer

Over 20 years experience in the environmental arena. Approximately 20 years of regulatory experience including environmental characterization, remediation and removal actions at the most complex military installations all over California, schools, and other high profile sites. Mr. Jimenez opened the San Diego Office of Cal EPA’s Department of Toxic Substances Control where he successfully closed a 7 year backlog of pending enforcement actions resulting in over $2.5 million dollars in fines and penalties.

Samantha Baron, Chief Marketing Officer

Over 5 years experience working in Marketing, PR, and Ocean Conservation. Miss Baron graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She started out her career working as a news reporter/producer and wrote numerous stories that appeared on ESPNU, CBS, and FOX. She then moved to California where she directed her career towards marketing and ecological restoration. Miss Baron has contributed in large education projects and led many Gray Whale Migration Expeditions outside of Scripp’s Ecological Reserve.