Bind Fresh™

  • Very efficient binding of malodors through active chemical bonding
  • Applications in landfills, dumps, disposal and disposal transportation equipment, agricultural malodor control, animal waste and rendering, and general waste management
  • Environmentally friendly natural materials.


  • Natural ammonia reduction in poultry industry
  • Reduction of ammonia without the use of acids that may damage farm machinery
  • Prolonged ammonia control for duration of rearing cycle
  • Only 25 pounds required per application.

Mold Sorb™

  • Effective immediate control of toxic mold
  • Applicable to flood control and remediation
  • Non-toxic formulation not requiring bleach or paints
  • Continuous control of mold growth after application
  • Available as powder or sachets
  • Powder applicable to mold knock-down in flood remediation; works on all surfaces including exposed wood
  • Sachets applicable to prevention of mold growth and can be placed in spaces between studs or other confined spaces
  • Products contain materials that are natural and generally regarded as safe
  • Landfill disposal
  • If product gets wet its microcidal activity returns when it dries out
  • Formulation also has insecticidal properties for insect control.