The Benefits of our Sea and Earth Reclaim product will astound you.
Oil Spill Remediation

  • Fast Control of Crude Oil spills in Sea or on Land – stop the spread.
  • Absorption of Crude Oil and turning it into a cake that is easily removed from Sea or Land.
  • ReClaim the Land, or Sea and haul it to an area where the Oil can be quickly extracted and ReClaim as Crude.
  • Easy to store and Cost Effective enough to keep an inventory on ships, in warehouses near ports, refineries and pipelines.

Sea & Earth ReClaim™ Properties

  • Buoyant oleophilic material
  • Works with all types of crude
  • Adsorption ratios of 1:8 to 1:60 powder to oil, depending on type of crude oil
  • Comprised of natural scoriaceous material
  • Exhibits the properties of solidifiers but does not chemically transform oil
  • Adsorbs all forms of petrochemicals
  • Comprised solely of materials listed in §300915(g)(1) of the US National Contingency Plan.
  • Crude oil is recoverable by extraction and filtration.

Sea & Earth ReClaim™ is formulated to achieve three things as the means to providing a total solution to crude oil spills:

  • Reclaim the oil
  • Naturally eliminate malodors from volatiles found in crude oil
  • Permanently and irreversibly bind toxic heavy metals found in both the crude oil and transferred by crude into the sea water column or the earth.