• Adsorption of total Petroleum Hydrocarbons and hexane extractable materials from water
  • Batch or continuous process available
  • Very efficient removal of water contaminants in a single treatment.

Sea Toxin-Sorb™

  • Adsorption of toxic pollutants from fresh water or sea water
  • Removal of toxic copper, zinc, arsenic, cadmium
  • Reduction to EPA and/or NSF/ANSI Standard 60 levels.
Removal of Water Contaminants

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Utility Vault HCOR™

  • Adsorption of most pollutants on the Priority Pollutant list from the Clean Water Act
  • Designed for utility vaults and substructure decontamination
  • Applicable to all non-utility vaults including telecommunications and subways
  • Reduction below EPA-specified levels.
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